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What a nice rain last night! Well, more like a thunderstorm … it tore a path through our back yard and knocked down all 8 of Paris’s corn stalks, and took out a couple of tomatoes too. Everywhere was a mess!

We drove by the community garden on our way to work/summer camp this morning and noticed a lot of the marker posts were down. I had intended to go and knock them back in this evening, but someone beat me to it. Aaaah, I love community! Everyone has each other’s backs, and that’s what it’s all about.

I finally manage to download the photos from my camera, so here are a few from last Sunday. You can click on the photo for a larger view, then click that larger view for the full-sized version.


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Just as I was about to fill up all my containers with water and head down to the garden, the sky darkened and the little weatherbug icon popped up on my computer screen. Apparently we’re in for quite a nice little thunderstorm! I hope it’s enough to provide some much-needed water to my wilting greenery 🙂

I was trying to make a list of fall crops to plant, and came up with a list that looks something like this:

  • broccoli
  • bok choi
  • radishes
  • turnips
  • arugula
  • cauliflower
  • I think that should do for a while! I may plant some more bush beans, we’ll see how we’re doing for space after planting this little lot!

    OK – there’s lightening out there, I’d better shut this baby down ….

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    I drove down to the community garden today for my first visit. The plan was to mark out the plots, and I hade my daughters, 8 year old Paris and Ciel (7) with me. The girls just love to help, but they always seem to want to both do the same job at the same time – so, between them … and with plenty of adult help … they measured out the 15′x15′ plots and the 5′ pathways that run between the plots. They even got in a few whacks with the hammer. Just enough that we all escaped with our fingers intact!

    We marked out eight plots (I think!), along Mulberry and Roosevelt Streets – the three along Mulberry St were quickly taken, and two more were snapped up along Roosevelt. I’ll let the other contributers discuss their plots and give a quick run down on our two plots.

    I do have photographs to add, but right now they’re still not downloaded from the camera, so they will have to wait until probably tomorrow.

    The girls both wanted their own plots, but I knew that Ciel would be tired of “gardening” after a few minutes, so I convinced her to share a plot with me. Paris, I knew, could handle her own – and boy is she proud of her new garden!

    The 79 degree heat was bearable, though we could have done with a water source (to supplement the water that people so kindly brought along!) The City will install a spigot at some point, so watering will become less labor intensive!

    Val, our very own Master Gardener, had brought tomato plants, as well as eggplants, broccoli and cauliflower. She also brought some seeds to share. Ciel picked some tomatoes and eggplants to plant in our plot, as well as some pumpkin seeds, and Paris picked out some tomatoes and eggplants also.

    My original plan was to mark out our plot in square feet (3′ squares), giving us a total of 117 square feet (I think!) However, in order to do it properly, we would need to make the raised beds and fill them with Mel’s Mix (1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss), but that is cost prohibitive for me right now. Maybe as we progress with the garden I can slowly implement the square foot method. At least the planting season is now almost over, so we have up until next spring to work out those kinds of details!

    Speaking of planting, Paris and I went back to the plot to plant some bush beans, some french sorrel, some rainbow chard and lima beans. I have no idea how well they will grow, but we’ll soon see! We also filled up every receptacle we had that was capable of holding water, and watered as much as we could. We did also plant a pumpkin by the garden sign.

    The planting season is far from over, there are plenty of fall crops to plant! Stay tuned!

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    Work has been slowly progressing on the community garden project, and we hope to see the area – now brown with compost – turn to green!

    Announcement of plans for community garden (.pdf)

    Photos from the ground-clearing on July 19

    Come back and visit often as our gardens and our friendships grow!

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