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Check out the Harvest Festival story in The Pantagraph

What a great day! The rain that was forecast didn’t happen, though the ground was wet underfoot from plenty of rain that had fallen in previous days. The Cocoa and S’Mores tent was fully stocked and children lined up for marshmallows on sticks so they could start making their S’Mores.

Children lined up for S'mores and hot cocoa

Children lined up for S'mores

Bloomington Mayor, Steve Stockton, served hot cocoa to the masses

Bloomington Mayor Steve Stockton serves cocoa

Bloomington Mayor Steve Stockton serves cocoa

And as the residents of Bloomington’s west side gathered around the campfire, our community garden potato farmer, Dave, kept everyone happy with tunes from his guitar

Dave plays guitar

Dave plays guitar

Prior to the start of the festival, local youth had completed a sidewalk chalk project, under the supervision of local artist Danelle Dvorak, utlizing as many different styles of art as there were youth involved!

There is much more to tell, but I’ll save that for another post!


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Celebrate Make A Difference Day at the West Side Community Garden

Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 25th
4-8 PM
Located at the corner of Mulberry and Roosevelt Sts
Street Art Chalk Drawings
Face painting
Campfire and S’Mores

All activities and refreshments are free!
Walk on over or park in the downtown parking garage.

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Just when you think the temperature has fallen in line with what autumn temperatures should be …. BAM! It’s up to almost 90 degrees again! What’s going on with the weather? I had to admit, I do like these warmer days and cooler nights – it means that I don’t have to have either air conditioning or heat on, we can sleep comfortably with the windows open, and the temperature inside the house is comfortable. But I’m getting a little too comfortable!

With the way the weather has been this year, it could easily be snowing tomorrow. (I hope I haven’t hexed anyone there!)

So, the gardening sites are still putting out information on what can safely be planted. Can you believe that you can still be planting at this time of year? Take a look at Organic Gardening magazine’s article on winter gardening. No, you won’t be harvesting crops in the middle of winter, it’s actually called “over-wintering”. Your seeds start to grow before the frosts hit – they grow into seedlings, then you use row covers – old sheets, burlap sacks, etc – to cover them over the winter. They’ll basically become dormant, and you’ll have a head start on your crops in the spring.

Another alternative is to plant compost crops – mostly grassy-type plants that will fix the nitrogen in the soil, and in spring you can dig them back into the dirt.

Me? I’m opting for the raised bed-style of gardening. That’s if this ailing economy swings upward enough for me to buy the lumber I need to build my beds! I’m thinking of making four 4′ x 4′ beds – that will give me 64 squares. Plenty of room for enough veggies to feed my family of 3!

There is a Westside Bloomington Summit meeting tonight at 6.30pm at Mt Pisgah Church on Market St. Be there, or be nowhere!

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