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We spent some time at the garden over the weekend – I can only turn so much soil in one session, so our garden is being prepared as we plant. And we have planted!

To be honest, I don’t remember what we planted, but most likely kale, black eyed peas, lima beans, lettuce (which is up already!) and some assorted seeds that the girls picked out. Our garden will certainly be no masterpiece, there was no planning involved, it’ll just happen as it happens!

I did take some photos. Of course they are still on the camera, but I’ll post them as soon as I can. Wasn’t the weather just perfect for gardening this weekend? We’ve had some rain, which made the weeds easier to pull, and there are so many weeds that the compost piles really do need to be turned!

I’d like to invite all gardeners to become authors on the blog, just sign up for wordpress, send me your email address, and I’ll send you an invitation. We’d all love to see your garden growing online!

I met Katie at the garden this weekend. She has a beautiful set up with a big bean pole tent in the center and some great bamboo trellises. She also has a terribly cute little daughter with the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen!

So, what are you planting now?


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Welcome to March, and hopefully some warmer weather!

Here, “Garden Girl” Patti Moreno, and the pioneer of square foot gardening, Mel Bartholomew, share tips on what needs to be done in March.

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I know I am thinking of spring! Yes, it’s snowing outside today, but it can’t go on for much longer, right? After all, we have spring planting to consider!

There is something you can do right now. Have you received a hoarde of seed catalogs in the mail? Now is the time to plan your garden and order your seeds. One of my favorite sites, The Cooks Garden is packed full of beautiful vegetables to grow. And this morning they sent me an email showing some of the seeds you can plant as soon as the soil is workable – plants that like the cooler weather. You can see that email here. The Kaleidosope mixed carrots look really fun! And I just love peas fresh from the garden – they rarely make it to the kitchen at my house, we just love to eat them right from the shell!

If you’re itching to get out in the garden, grab some seed catalogs and start planning!

The girls and I are hoping to make raised beds in our plots this year. The plots are 15′ x 15′, and we’re thinking of making four 4’x4′ beds with a tiered bed in the middle for strawberries and herbs.

If you’re also interested in square foot gardening, visit Mel Bartholomew’s site. If you like the idea of raised beds, but don’t want to be confined to 1′ increments, you could take a look at Patti Moreno’s site. Known as “The Garden Girl”, Patti is at the forefront of the urban gardening movement, with her back yard “urban farm” in Roxbury, MA. Her site is very informative, with many, many videos explaining her techniques. Patti also raises chickens and rabbits in her backyard farm, and has a very unique way of doing it!

You can see more about Patti here:

Patti Moreno – Garden Girl

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So, December 6th seems like an eternity ago. It was a busy day, December 6th. First, there was the Jaycee’s Annual Christmas Parade, and then the Community Gardens Tree Trimming party, and lots of other events in between and afterward that were personal to those who attended. Personally, I had to ask one of my daughters to skip her friends birthday party due to numerous commitments.

But, a great time was had by all, even if we were absolutely freezing! Hot chocolate did it’s part in taking the edge off the cold, and the fire was nice and warm as long as you could take the smell of the smoke … and children and adults alike had a great time making bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.

The music from the Boys & Girls Club holiday CD and Heather’s iPod kept us all in a festive mood, however the weather got the better of us and the event only ended up lasting half as long as it was supposed to.

Thanks go out to the Masonic Lodge who so kindly donated the tree, and to all the volunteers and donors who provided cocoa, hot water, cups, stirrers, pine cones, peanut butter, bird seed, napkins, Purell, etc! We couldn’t have done it without you!

And to the wonderful neighborhood children from the Bent School YWCA Before and After School program, and Bent School Girls Scout Troop 1051, who spent lots of time making the pretty ornaments for the tree, A VERY BIG THANKS to you and your teachers/troop leaders for being part of the Westside Community Gardens Christmas this year.

I have more photos to post, and I promise I won’t make you wait too long. I also promise that the wait will be worth it!

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We visited the garden today for the first time after the “big frost” of Wednesday morning. (And yesterday was 76 degrees? WTF is going on!) and we just had buckets and buckets of green tomatoes left after the plants had long since wilted to the ground.

I picked all the tomatoes I could rescue from my plants, and Paris picked 3 of her 5 plants. I carted all the dead greenery to the compost pile, as well as the green tomatoes that didn’t make it, and we still had 2 shopping sacks full!  We called all the relatives and delivered green tomatoes to them, and I’ve been trollling for recipes so we can use the rest. I do hate to waste anything!

Here’s some recipes to try if you, too, have an overabundance of green tomatoes!
Recipes from BostonPlus.com
Southern Food at about.com has lots of ideas
A nice selection at allrecipes.com
Epicurious is always good for a variety of recipes
Fried green tomato recipes from Joy in the Garden
Or you can just use my google search!

Have fun with the recipes, let’s hear what you made!

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Check out the Harvest Festival story in The Pantagraph

What a great day! The rain that was forecast didn’t happen, though the ground was wet underfoot from plenty of rain that had fallen in previous days. The Cocoa and S’Mores tent was fully stocked and children lined up for marshmallows on sticks so they could start making their S’Mores.

Children lined up for S'mores and hot cocoa

Children lined up for S'mores

Bloomington Mayor, Steve Stockton, served hot cocoa to the masses

Bloomington Mayor Steve Stockton serves cocoa

Bloomington Mayor Steve Stockton serves cocoa

And as the residents of Bloomington’s west side gathered around the campfire, our community garden potato farmer, Dave, kept everyone happy with tunes from his guitar

Dave plays guitar

Dave plays guitar

Prior to the start of the festival, local youth had completed a sidewalk chalk project, under the supervision of local artist Danelle Dvorak, utlizing as many different styles of art as there were youth involved!

There is much more to tell, but I’ll save that for another post!

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Celebrate Make A Difference Day at the West Side Community Garden

Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 25th
4-8 PM
Located at the corner of Mulberry and Roosevelt Sts
Street Art Chalk Drawings
Face painting
Campfire and S’Mores

All activities and refreshments are free!
Walk on over or park in the downtown parking garage.

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