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We visited the garden today for the first time after the “big frost” of Wednesday morning. (And yesterday was 76 degrees? WTF is going on!) and we just had buckets and buckets of green tomatoes left after the plants had long since wilted to the ground.

I picked all the tomatoes I could rescue from my plants, and Paris picked 3 of her 5 plants. I carted all the dead greenery to the compost pile, as well as the green tomatoes that didn’t make it, and we still had 2 shopping sacks full!  We called all the relatives and delivered green tomatoes to them, and I’ve been trollling for recipes so we can use the rest. I do hate to waste anything!

Here’s some recipes to try if you, too, have an overabundance of green tomatoes!
Recipes from BostonPlus.com
Southern Food at about.com has lots of ideas
A nice selection at allrecipes.com
Epicurious is always good for a variety of recipes
Fried green tomato recipes from Joy in the Garden
Or you can just use my google search!

Have fun with the recipes, let’s hear what you made!


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