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Need some inspiration?

If you’re anything like me, you make lots and lots of plans, and then just don’t even look a them when it comes to getting the project done. However, I did find a source of garden plans that are just too good to ignore. I especially like the children’s vegetable garden.

You can find them at theBetter Homes & Gardens website.

So, don’t let planning put you off starting a plot in the community garden, there’s lots of help out there … on the web, at the library, and even as close as your gardening neighbor!

Did you believe that rain this morning? It was just what we needed after some serious planting on the weekend – but we went down to check on our gardens and it was still pretty dusty! We ran into Val who had just come from the task force meeting, and she said that we should have water by the end of the week, and definitely by this time next week. Way to go, City of Bloomington!

Now, come on, where are the rest of you gardening bloggers?


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