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So, the skies opened up for a little bit this morning as a mini-thunderstorm threw a hissy fit over Bloomington. Not quite enough to give us all the moisture we needed, but we’d already heard from Val that she was going to be at the garden at 4pm with a 60 gallon tank of water in her van. SIXTY GALLONS! Do you know how good that sounded!

Let’s face it, if the City of Bloomington is not going to give us our water, then we’ll just bring our own – and we’ll do it in style!

There had already been lots of activity by the time Paris and I stepped foot on that dusty ol’ mushroom compost. And yes, it’s still very dusty! I think the mushroom compost is GREAT, however, I think I also need to truck some of my own homegrown compost down there to add some chunkiness to the dust.

All the plants were pretty much still standing up. None had withered into the netherworld of plants yet. No tomato plants in tomato heaven, and my lima beans had even sprouted – quel joi!

Paris and I made a quick run to Growing Grounds, as she was feeling envious of Marcella’s great healing garden in the center of one of her plots. We returned with some lemon verbena, stevia, nasturtium, pineapple sage, honeydew melon sage, and another plant that I can’t remember the name of. We planted and watered those, then left the plot to it’s own devices …. until we next return


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What a nice rain last night! Well, more like a thunderstorm … it tore a path through our back yard and knocked down all 8 of Paris’s corn stalks, and took out a couple of tomatoes too. Everywhere was a mess!

We drove by the community garden on our way to work/summer camp this morning and noticed a lot of the marker posts were down. I had intended to go and knock them back in this evening, but someone beat me to it. Aaaah, I love community! Everyone has each other’s backs, and that’s what it’s all about.

I finally manage to download the photos from my camera, so here are a few from last Sunday. You can click on the photo for a larger view, then click that larger view for the full-sized version.

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